My spiritual journey began with Music. Since my youngest age I have been singing, almost in spite of me. Very early, Music offered me glimpses of the Divine as I felt connected to a Higher Power, without any knowledge of it. My voice was a way of expressing my timid Faith, my growing devotion. I was craving something "more".

I grew up in France, in a family that provided me everything I ever needed. In the midst of this happiness, I however felt that something essential was missing to my life, to myself. I was desperate to believe in a higher power, a deep connection that would guide me throughout my life.

And so I started traveling. At 18 years old, I moved to London where I lived for nine years. There, Yoga came into my Life and changed it forever. My practice suddenly provided me with a sacred space where I could learn, evolve, and be more myself. I felt so rewarded by the practice that teaching became obvious. I first trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa (200h) and taught in France, where I opened a small studio. With every class I taught my love for Yoga and for transmitting its teachings did not cease to grow.


I then discovered Tantra and trained in Tantric Hatha Yoga (200h) which shook my entire world. There was more, there always is more and that is the beauty of this journey. Tantra confirmed my beliefs and reminded me how powerful we all are if we allow ourselves to unlock our powers. I want to be here for every person wishing to see more, feel more, and be free. 

My love and respect for Life is immense as I humbly let it flow through me. My writing, singing, chanting  -all of my passions- now meet at the heart of my practice and that is Yoga : a "meeting point", the Heart of the most majestic Lotus.


Endless Gratitude to my teachers - Luiz Veiga for opening up the doors, Sudhir Rishi for its humour and wisdom, Lizaan Joubert for shaking my earth oh so often & Octavio Salgado, for building my faith a home with Tantra.

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