Yoga is a spiritual discipline, an art, a subtle science which focuses on empowering and bringing harmony between mind and body. Yoga in Sanskrit means "to yoke", "to unite" : it is about finding unity within yourself and with the world around you. It is a way back to wholeness.


Your practice is a sacred space in which all aspects of you come together. Through asanas (postures), breath control (Pranayama) and Meditation (amongst many more) you learn to calm the fluctuations of your mind (vrittis) so that your truth can arise.

Since our being is constantly changing, several styles of Yoga exist to meet your needs. No matter how difficult the postures are, your level of flexibility or strength, Yoga does not ask you to "perform", Yoga  simply asks of you to be here, now.

" Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self."

Bhagavad Gita


Tantric Hatha Yoga 

Tantra means "to expand" and "to protect": it is an ancient Science which guides you towards the memory of your true nature. Tantra offers a methodology to the Yogi who wishes to expand beyond the self-imposed limits of the mind. 


Amongst many, Yoga is one way of reconnecting to the sacred in you, so that you can evolve and serve the world.

To do this, we must first calm and stabilize the body & mind through Moon Hatha Yoga practices. Only then can Prana, the life-force energy,  be invited in to energise us through Sun practices.

Finally, Fire practices allow the Sun and the Moon in us to merge at the navel centre to free us from the density that restricts our being. * (Includes Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation & Mantras) 


Fluid, creative and rhythmic sequence of postures that alternates strength & flexibility.


Passive, restorative, and meditative practice. Tame the silence of your own mind by holding postures for a few minutes. Work on connective tissues to soften body and mind.


This practice was developed by the Ancient Rishis to increase our capacity for learn, heal and reach the heights of Samadhi, beyond thoughts and any form. A powerful inner journey, between dream and sleep,


A dynamic and meditative traditional practice which follows a set sequence. Wake up the inner fire with Ujjayi - A powerful practice.

Pranayama & Meditation

It is impossible to ask the mind to stop thinking, it must gently be led towards stillness. By shaping the breath it is the mind that we shape.

Once the ocean of the mind is calm, Meditation can unfold.


Mantras are the ultimate object of meditation. Sung in groups (KIRTAN) or repeated internally, they are sacred sounds that allow us to reach high levels of consciousness. The gateway to the Divine.


Online class        …............   8€

Unlimited online    …........   60€

Online class        …............   8€

Unlimited online    …........   60€

Online class        …............   8€

Unlimited online    …........   60€

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